Natural Gas Outlook


Natural Gas Outlook PublicationsNatural Gas Outlook is a suite of publications and website reports that cohesively work together to help businesses make informed natural gas buying decisions.

The reality is that gaining access to information in today's world is easy, but developing an action plan can still be frustrating and time consuming. Many suppliers and publications offer wide-ranging bits and pieces of information on production, demand, weather, storage, rig counts, and more, but it is up to the reader to piece the data together to form a conclusion of what it means to natural gas prices.

Natural Gas Outlook goes that extra step by providing comprehensive summaries of price-moving market criteria AND identifies the impacts on current and future prices. This saves you time, while also making sure important opportunities are not missed. That's what sets us apart!

Monthly Edition

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  • Delivered mid-month.
  • Broad perspective of the U.S. natural gas industry.
  • Long-term pricing outlooks and price trends
  • Expert commentary on price-influencing factors, including longer-term weather, gas and crude oil supply/demand, shale production changes, storage, rig counts, seasonal pricing trends, technical indicators, and more.
  • Engaging industry articles covering pipeline expansions, LNG exports, regulatory changes, power generation, and more.

Weekly Edition

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  • Delivered Wednesdays.
  • Weekly recap of short-term and longer-term natural gas price action.
  • Highlights pertinent news events.
  • Provides short-term pricing outlooks and technical price signals
  • Daily NYMEX price data, and weekly updates for shorter-term weather, rig count, storage, the Commitment of Traders Report.

NYMEX Expiration Recap

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  • Delivered one business day following each NYMEX contract expiration.
  • Summarizes trading activity in its last month and last five days of trading.
  • Provides a comparison against the background of historical prices.
  • Graph illustrating historical expiration price trends.

Plus subscriber-only WEBSITE ACCESS to

  • Daily NYMEX pricing.
  • Daily temperature forecasts.
  • Weekly storage report.
  • Weekly rig counts.
  • Monthly EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook and price forecasts.
  • Monthly temperature comparison.
  • Feature education articles.