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After decades in the industry, we know, most customers in charge of energy procurement wear multiple company hats, and are pushed and pulled in all directions at once.

Energy Solutions, Inc. also extends a hand beyond its publications with Buying Advisory Services for customers looking for an energy advocate. When the time is too short in supply, Buying Advisory clients find a true partner in Energy Solutions, Inc., providing expert advice at every point in the process:

  • Long-term strategic planning. Understanding the company's energy usage, budgeting, and risk tolerance; and using that information to design a gas buying strategy befitting the corporate objectives.
  • Marketer selection. Development of a Request for Proposal, identifying available suppliers, and conducting a comparative analysis to identify the "best fit" supplier.
  • Timing and purchase of natural gas contracts. Providing market updates, forecasts, and advice on timing natural gas purchases. At the same time, however, Energy Solutions, Inc. will remain true to a customer's strategic hedging strategy and risk tolerances.
  • Billing review. Systematic collection and review of gas and electricity bills, identifying overpayment errors and saving customers money.

The services are not limited to natural gas. Energy Solutions, Inc. has a track record providing parallel services for electricity clients in deregulated states, which include complex contract fulfillment and long-term purchase strategies.

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