Natural Gas Outlook

About NGO

Twenty years ago, Energy Solutions, Inc. launched its inaugural natural gas publication before the Internet was a household term. While our publication services have evolved with the industry, the foundational purpose remains unchanged: distill and communicate an unbiased view of natural gas markets, and guide customers to make informed natural gas buying decisions. Natural Gas Outlook continues to achieve this objective.

Valerie Wood, editor of Natural Gas Outlook, brings 30 years’ experience across multiple facets of the natural gas industry. She has a long track record of identifying, summarizing, and communicating customer-centered natural gas market information while at the same time, preserving the strictly unbiased industry perspectives and buying strategies.

Much more than just a newsletter...Natural Gas Outlook is a suite of publications and website reports that cohesively work together to help businesses make informed natural gas buying decisions by offering a three-step approach.

Natural Gas Outlook:

  • Takes numerous amounts of market INFORMATION, breaks it down into comprehensive pieces, and reassembles the data in a sensible format to provide buyers with a complete and unbiased view of market conditions. 
  • Analyzes market conditions, as well as future and historical price trends, and outlines a PLAN that buyers can tailor to fit their own needs. 
  • Gives buyers the peace of mind needed to take ACTION and implement a cost effective natural gas purchasing and risk management strategy that is supported and easy to explain to management.

The reality is that gaining access to information in today's world is easy, but developing an action plan can still be frustrating and time consuming. Many suppliers and publications offer wide-ranging bits and pieces of information on production, demand, weather, storage, rig counts, and more, but it is up to the reader to piece the data together to form a conclusion of what it all means to natural gas prices. Natural Gas Outlook goes that extra step by providing comprehensive summaries of price-moving market criteria AND identifies the impacts on current and future prices. This saves you time, while also making sure important opportunities are not missed. That’s what sets us apart!